Feb 07 2024


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Cellphone Clinic

Do you have problems or need help with your cellphone, iPhone or Android, either one? Just a few examples:

Are you trying to download apps and don’t know how?

Is there an app you can’t access?

Do you need help sending texts or emails?

Do you want to attach pictures to your text and not sure how?

I’m sure I can’t even think of the many problems we occasionally encounter.

I am not a trained professional. I am, however, comfortable with technology and have been capable of helping many here in PDS with typical ‘cellphone’ issues we come across. I also volunteer at the Mesa Red Mountain Library at their Computer Help Desk. Hopefully I’ll be able to help you. No promises, but I am willing to try.

There’s no charge. Just one friend helping another here at PDS.

November 8th, between 9 am and noon, sign up on the bulletin board for a private 20 minute session in the clubhouse lounge. If your issues take longer, we can set up a follow up session.

PLEASE BRING YOUR PASSWORDS WITH YOU. This is often needed and sometimes the heart of the problem.

Ellen Outten
Lot 264

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