Jun 15 2022


5:15 pm - 7:00 pm

Bill Harrison Presentation “Under the Starry Skies, 80 years of Thrills and Chills at AZ Dine-in Movies Theatres”

The decade after World War II was unlike any other time in American history. The G. I. Bill helped veterans open businesses, marry, buy houses, and start families. A near frantic quest for freedom and status resulted in the sale of forty-two million automobiles. Not only was the family car a flying-carpet to exotic locations like the supermarket, it also offered new opportunities to spend time with family. “Kids, put on your pajamas and grab your blankets! We’re going to the drive-in theatre tonight!” No muss, no fuss. Mom didn’t have to cook dinner; dad could wear his old shirt and no babysitter was required. The 1950s were the golden age of drive-in movie theatres, with thousands of screens across the country. The movies generally weren’t first run, and the sound was lousy, but it didn’t matter. Everyone was enjoying sinfully delicious food from the concession stand and savoring the fresh evening air. Arizona had more than 50 drive-in movie theatres that have sadly closed over the years. This is a nostalgic presentation that will bring back fond memories of a vastly more innocent time in America. Before the presentation we will be serving Pizza and Dessert. BYOB and place setting. Tickets are $10.00. Purchase by June 12.