Nov 17 2020


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Rex Allen,  The Arizona Cowboy

Rex Allen was a real cowboy! Not a very good one, he admitted, but he was brave enough to ride a 2,000-pound Braham bull and live to tell about it! Rex Allen was born and raised near Willcox, Arizona. He started life with a physical handicap, but it didn’t stop him from becoming a successful singer. In his 20s, a simple operation uncrossed his eyes and opened an exciting new world! A regular on the National Barn Dance radio program, Rex would eventually receive a recording contract. He would write and perform hundreds of songs before Hollywood called. Although he was a late-comer to B-westerns, he made 19 movies that were successful at the box office. His television program, “Pioneer Doctor” was short-lived but popular with audiences. When that series ended, he became an award-winning narrator for Walt Disney Studios. This delightful presentation will introduce you to “The Last of the Singing Cowboys,” his dynamic career, remarkable accomplishments, his memorable songs, and how he improved Arizona with his time, talent and treasure. Presentation time: 1 hour (Slide Presentation)