Jul 29 2022


12:15 pm - 2:00 pm

Bill Harrison Presentation “Legendary Lawmen of Arizona” and Lunch

After the Civil War in 1865, thousands of former soldiers migrated to the Arizona Territory. Some were drawn by the wide-open spaces and the chance to start a new life, while others saw a lawless land ripe for nefarious activities. The vast majority of people moving into the territory wanted to build permanent communities with safe neighborhoods, churches, schools and thriving businesses. Those decent, hard-working people knew if a town was going to grow and enjoy peace and prosperity, law enforcement was a necessity. Commodore Perry Owens, “Texas” John Horton Slaughter and Harry Wheeler were respected county sheriffs who helped bring calm and order to some of the rowdiest towns in the West. This is the remarkable story of three dedicated lawmen who demonstrated extraordinary courage and determination in the Arizona Territory. Before the presentation we will be serving Sloppy Joes, chips, and dessert.