Dec 30 2020


12:30 pm

Bill Harrison Presentation “AZ War Heros” & Lunch

Thousands of young men and women from Arizona have stepped forward in time of war to serve in the armed forces of the United States. None saw themselves as special, only Americans doing their patriotic duty. However, some of these individuals discovered an inner strength when faced with impossible situations and certain death. They didn’t give up or give in. They fought on with stubborn determination that would later be described as extraordinary and heroic. Lieut. Frank Luke, Jr., was an ace pilot and “balloon buster” in World War I. In the trenches of that same war Marine Cpl. John Pruitt fought with ferocious determination. Army Pfc. Silvestre Herrera and Sgt. Manuel Mendoza demonstrated incredible courage and valor in World War II. Ensign John Butler was a naval aviator who flew fearlessly at the Battle of Midway. Capt. Raymond Harvey gallantly led his men to victory in Korea. Marine Capt. Jay Vargas boldly faced overwhelming odds in Vietnam. This is the remarkable story of seven men who sacrificed for America’s freedom. Before the program we will enjoy Pizza and Salad with dessert. Sign up by December 21st. Tickets are $10